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Jackpot 6000 Slot Game Bonuses

Net Ent
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Description jackpot 6000

Playing slots is a dream of every gamer. For some it becomes a reality, for others, it remains an unfulfilled task. Jackpot 6000 is a 3-reel slot with 5 game lines from the famous game maker NetEnt, which will give you the excitement of gambling in Las Vegas. Even though the slot machine does not offer many bonus features, it will still bring you great pleasure and, in addition, a chance to win a significant cash prize.

As the name of the slot machine suggests, in this game you can earn up to 6,000 coins with big winnings. If you are looking for cash prizes and a unique gaming experience, Jackpot 6000 is the game for you.

Play jackpot 6000, slot machine theme

Jackpot 6000 is a 95% RTP slot built on the NetEnt platform, designed in the traditional Las Vegas-style. The design of the jackpot 6000 slots slot machine and soundtrack are created in such a way that you can find yourself in any of the gaming establishments without leaving home. Of course, it's not exactly Vegas, but the game is as realistic as the animation.

The slot machine can be played at home, at work, or on the road on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. This best slot machine is considered a classic because it lacks numerous pay lines and bonus features that offer more modern slots. But as a classic slot machine, it still offers modern rewards.

Icons and soundtrack jackpot 6000

If you're looking for a realistic Las Vegas casino gaming experience, the online Jackpot 6000 is the perfect slot machine to play. The background of the jackpot 6000 slot is an image of a real casino inside. The reels look like a regular casino with a casino floor and slot machines in the background. The drums have classic symbols such as cherries, grapes, lemons, and bells. You can also find a gold star and wild symbols.

The soundtrack is a classic tune with traditional casino sounds that enhances the feeling of being in a real casino in Las Vegas.

Bonus material in the jackpot 6000

The Jackpot 6000 slots don't have many bonus features, but NetEnt created it so you can win the maximum amount of money in this classic slot. You will see the Supermeter at the top of the reels. After each win, you have the option to choose whether you want to withdraw the win or continue playing in Supermeter mode. You can use Supermeter to play spins where the wild symbol becomes much more valuable. If two jokers fail to spin on the top reel (Supermeter), you win 10 to 6,000 coins. If you are lucky and you get three wild symbols, you are guaranteed to win 6,000 coins.

The slot machine also includes a Gamble feature that can be activated manually after each winning spin. You will be directed to another screen of the game, where you have to guess the eagle or the tail will fall on the tossed coin. If you guess correctly, your profit will double. If you do not guess, you will lose the entire amount of winnings from the previous spin. This is not a guaranteed victory, but a 50/50 chance to double the win.

Jackpot 6000 is the perfect slot machine for those who want to visit Vegas. One project is enough to make you believe that you are in a real casino. The ability to win 6,000 coins is also quite motivating and masks the fact that there are not many bonus features. Play Jackpot 6000 anytime!

Rules of the game in jackpot 6000

The Jackpot 6000 free slot machine simulates a luxurious casino lounge. In the middle of the hall is a classic machine gun. There are buttons on the control panel that are even unknown to an experienced gamer. Above the reels are coin slots, and above the reels is a payout table directly for the player.

Management tools. The bet button is located in the center of the slot control panel. It will help you place a bet. By clicking on it, the player first places a coin on the line. The next click increases the bet by a maximum of two coins per line. In addition, each click adds another line.

To make the final decision on the size, you need to look above and below the main window. Below the scoreboard shows the player's balance (cash), as well as his bet and his winnings on conditional credits of the game. At the beginning of the game, the user has 5,000 credits. Above the control panel, just below the reels, are the same bid options:

  • Coins;
  • Rate;
  • Winnings.
  • The amount of the value of the coin - another parameter of the rate - can be chosen from two options: credit 0.1 and 0.2. To do this, you need to use images of coins of denominations 10 and 20.

    The Max Bet and Spin buttons are familiar in the right corner of the control panel. When you press Max Bet, the reels start automatically, this should be taken into account.

    Adjustment buttons

    In the lower-left corner, there are small buttons to personalize the game. It:

  • Key - turns off sound effects and the 'Quick Game' option;
  • Speaker - mutes the sound;
  • Question mark - shows the text of the rules of the game.
  • Supermeter mode

    The super meter mode in the jackpot 6000 slot is activated when the user plays with the maximum bet and wins. This mode increases your bet to 20 coins, allowing you to get two wild symbols on the reels and three regular symbols on the betting line.

    After you have played around in super meter mode, the player has the opportunity to either play again or collect the winnings (by clicking the Collect button). When the win in Supermeter mode reaches 6000 (or more) coins, the game will end and the winnings will be credited to the player's account.

    A game of risk

    You can try to earn even more by playing a risky game. Of course, if the payout is big and you don't want to take a risk, you can exit the game by clicking on the button and withdrawing your winnings. When you decide to take a risk, you have to play the game 'eagle and tail'. At the same time, coins are pulled out on the case, which copies the real coins and tosses them up.

    You can try to guess as many times as you want, but there is a limit to winning: the round ends when the win reaches 3,000 coins.

    You also can't risk all your winnings, the Transfer button allows you to bet only on half or a quarter of the amount.

    he JackPot 6000 slot machine has a wild symbol representing a fool in a hat and standard symbols (five pieces). Classic icons are usually placed on the reels of the 'slots'. It:

  • Cherry - 20 coins;
  • Lemons - 20 coins;
  • Grapes - 60 coins;
  • Bells - 80 coins;
  • Stars - 100 coins (for a combination of three symbols).
  • The Joker, on the other hand, brings much bigger victories. Their value depends on the player's bet per round. Even with two coins in a pair, he gives 400 coins, and with eight coins - 1600. And with a bet of 10 and 20 coins, the joker brings a jackpot - the same 6000 that is in the name of the machine.

    Note that the payout listed in the payout table is valid for two coins per bet line, if it is one coin, half of the payout is paid out.

    The theoretical profitability for bets from 1 to 8 coins is 74.9% -79.2%, and for bets from 10 coins and super meter mode - 95.1% - 98.9%.

    Differences between the free version and the real jackpot 6000 game

    While playing the demo, you cannot:

  • Win the jackpot,
  • Check the game history.
  • JackPot 6000 - a slot machine created by the creators in the original. Unusual, not quite clear buttons and additional rules of the mode distinguish this slot from other similar ones. Whether to play it, everyone decides for himself.

    You can also play the Jackpot 6000 slot on your mobile phone and tablet, and this game looks decent on all mobile platforms. Modeled after a physical machine, it may not be perfect for small screens, but it still plays on Android and iPhone. The Jackpot 6000 is a classic NetEnt and has one of the highest RTPs in the industry. Sometimes it is difficult to break due to high variability.

  • Supermeter mode with 98.9% RTP;
  • The jackpot in super meter mode can be up to 6000 coins;
  • High variability.
  • Disadvantages:
  • No free spins or additional basic gaming features other than wild cards.
  • Jackpot 6000 Slot Machine. FAQ

    How to win the JackPot 6000?

    To get closer to winning, the most important thing is to keep in mind the specifics of the slot machine you are playing. The rules of JackPot 6000 are quite simple, they will come in handy for finding winning combinations.

    Are there free spins in JackPot 6000?

    Fortunately, for players who want to make an informative decision before trying to invest, there is a free version of Jackpot 6000 that you can use. The demo version is the same as the regular slot, but you can play without depositing money.

    Is it possible to play JackPot 6000 on a mobile phone?

    As mobile gaming is the most popular type of gambling on the market today, NetEnt has developed a separate mobile game called Jackpot 6000, which will be available to gamers. However, note that this version is known as the JackPot 6000 Touch.

    Does the Jackpot 6000 slot have a good RTP performance?

    Although the Jackpot 6000 is not a high-limit slot machine, it has a very good return on investment, which should theoretically offer players small but frequent winning combinations. If we have to compare it to other slots, this game has a very good RTP score and some great features that you should check out for yourself!